Adventure Time game coming to DS

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward has made no secret his desire to create a video game adaptation of his popular Cartoon Network series. "If it was a small budget I'd work to make a sidescroller," he said last year. "But if we had the largest budget in the world I'd love to make something like Oblivion, but set in the Adventure Time universe where it's a giant free-roaming world."

Unfortunately for fans, The Elder Scrolls VI: Adventure Time is not happening. But at least a game is in the works.

Ward told fans on Twitter (via Tiny Cartridge) that an Adventure Time game is coming to the DS. The game will be developed by WayForward Technologies, the studio behind recent games like Mighty Switch Force and Aliens: Infestation.

While Ward originally said the game was for the 3DS, he later clarified that it will be a DS game. (3DS supports backwards compatibility with original DS games.) "To be clear y'all, it's a DS game, it's gonna be hot to trot like a horse," Ward said.

The game is aiming for a release by the end of the year.