Fez spins onto Xbox 360 on April 13

After several years and just as many delays, charming puzzle-platformer Fez finally has a firm release date: Friday, April 13 on Xbox Live Arcade. It's unlucky for some, and a break from XBLA's regular Wednesday releases, but it'll take more than superstitious claptrap to stop the winner of the Independent Games Festival 2012 Grand Prize.

Fez will cost the very pleasing price of 800 Microsoft Points ($10), developer Polytron confirmed in its eye-searing announcement.

The game was first announced in July 2007, then won its first IGF award in 2008, for Excellence in Visual Art. It's been a long and bumpy journey since then, but it's finally almost here. And here's how the game looks now, in a six-minute gameplay trailer showing off what's in the trial version:

BOOM video 12179