Trine 2 gets hardcore

You may think you're a pretty big hat in the wizarding world, but have you got the wand to be a hardcore wizard? A new Trine 2 patch on Steam has added a 'Hardcore' mode for wizards, thieves and knights to prove their worth, with the option to disable sneaky levitating tricks too.

"Basically what the mode does is that you can only use each checkpoint once and then you have to start again from the beginning of the level," developer Frozenbyte explains. "Also it makes the enemies a bit harder by giving them more health and power. So it is an option that you can use alongside any of the current difficulty levels ...to give them a boost in a way."

The patch also adds options to disable self-levitation and to stop players levitating their co-op cohorts. Without them, cowardly wizards can simply give players rides through the levels, drifting along lazily without having to test their grey matter or muscle.

Frozenbyte's also working on expansion-sized DLC for Trine 2, packing a new six-level campaign, new enemies, and extra abilities, such as a magic gravity-warping bubble.