Trine 2 expansion pack to add new levels and abilities

Are you ready for more Trine? Frozenbyte is working on a significant expansion pack to Trine 2. And although it is technically downloadable content, the scope of the project has the developer hesitant to call it "DLC."

Coming later this year (before Summer, the delay-prone developer hopes) is a as-of-yet unnamed expansion that will add a brand new six level campaign, with new enemies and a new story. Best of all, the three heroes of Trine will be granted new abilities that carry over into the original Trine 2.

The publicly-released teaser for the expansion showcases the new environments being developed for the expansion pack:

BOOM video 12198

Unfortunately, Frozenbyte isn't showing off the abilities that we saw in a private meeting with the developer. Perhaps the most significant change involves a "gravity bubble" the Wizard can use. By summoning one, the effect of gravity is significantly reduced inside the bubble, allowing players to suspend objects in air, and increase their jumps. (As if the Wizard weren't powerful enough already!) And because this ability can be transported back into the original Trine 2, expect to get through levels in a completely new way.

Frozenbyte wouldn't commit to a price for the expansion pack, but did note that it will be "very reasonable."