Max Payne 3 multiplayer trailer enters bullet time

Multiplayer bullet time is one of the shooty treats shown off in a new Max Payne 3 trailer focusing on its online action, along with the 'Gang Wars' and 'Payne Killer' modes. If you've been skeptical of the formerly single-player series picking up multiplayer, have a butcher's and see what you make of it.

BOOM video 12292

Max Payne 3's multiplayer groups, or 'crews,' will carry over into Grand Theft Auto V, so you can form lasting criminal relationships.

You've only got until April 2 to order Max Payne 3's $100 Special Edition, if you fancy a 10-inch Max and some other goodies. The game's coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 15 while the PC edition isn't due until May 29; Rockstar wouldn't explain why when we asked.