Mass Effect 3 gets 'N7 Bounty' bonus XP weekend

Last weekend's N7 Challenge in Mass Effect 3 was a success, granting bonus items for those who took down Reapers on Silver and a community item for collectively going full-genocide with a million Brute deaths. That was only the beginning of BioWare's multiplayer plans, as this weekend players are getting another opportunity for bonuses, this time in the form of XP with the "N7 Bounty - Operation Fortress."

Starting today at 5 PM PST and lasting until 5 AM PST on Monday, March 26, you'll get 25% bonus XP in the multiplayer mode. Unlike last weekend's promotion, this applies to all enemy types, maps, and challenge levels. 25% extra isn't much, but it doesn't take terribly long to reach the level cap in the first place.

We can see a kind of language emerging for these weekends. The "N7 Challenge" weekend gave out special packs for completing a task, while the "Bounty" moniker is used to signify bonus XP -- or maybe in the future, bonus cash. Personally, we're hoping for an "N7 Unlock a Character You Actually Want Instead of Spending Points and Crossing Your Fingers" weekend, but BioWare can probably come up with a better name.