Telltale's Walking Dead gets grisly debut trailer

Season two of AMC's The Walking Dead came to a close on Sunday, to the delight and/or yawns of fans everywhere. To hedge our bets and remain spoiler-free, remember the part with the person who did the thing? So awesome. Or disappointing. With that episode in the can, it's an apt time for Telltale to debut its first trailer of The Walking Dead.

The trailer shows off quite a bit of cinematics and doesn't appear to have any gameplay. More worrisome, the studio's last cinematic-driven game met a mixed reception. Still, the more faithful zombie lovers can pre-order now for a discounted price and receive a chance to appear as a shambling corpse in the fourth episode. Full contest rules are available at the developer site.

BOOM video 12236

The Walking Dead is coming to PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and iOS in April. Each episode in the five-episode series will be $4.99.