Wasteland 2 hits funding goal in two days

It took only two days for inXile's Kickstarter fan-fund Wasteland 2 to hit its $900,000 goal, and the pledges keep on coming. With 33 days left to go, inXile has so far raised $958,458, so we're on course for the sequel to Interplay's widely-adored vintage post-apocalyptic RPG to be very shiny indeed.

"Woot!!! We did it!!!! Fantastic!" Brian Fargo, head honcho of inXile and Wasteland 2, said on Twitter last night. "I am going to sleep like a baby tonight. Once again I am awed by the support! A dream come true today."

He added, "And again... you have all been amazing and only through your efforts would this have ever happened! To think 20+ years..."

When it launched the campaign, inXile said on its Kickstarter page that if it reached $1.25 million, the extra money would "go primarily into making the world bigger, adding more maps, more divergent stories and even more music."

At $1.5 million, the plan goes, inXile will make Mac and Linux versions and expand the game's scope again. "You'll have more adventures to play, more challenges to deal with, and a greater level of complexity to the entire storyline. We'll add more environments, story elements, and characters to make the rich world come alive even more."

It seems nigh-on inevitable inXile will hit those marks. If you want to chip in money yourself, $15 will get you a digital copy of the game, $50 buys you a boxed copy with feelies, and for $5,000 you can appear in Wasteland 2 as a statue. Hit up the Kickstarter page to join in.

The current rash of video game Kickstarters was sparked by Double Fine's drive to fund a new adventure game. That wrapped up on Tuesday with an impressive $3,335,371, blowing past its $400k target.