Guild Wars 2 pre-orders give beta access; Collector's Edition unveiled

With Guild Wars 2 now committed to launching in 2012, publisher NCsoft has unveiled the various editions it'll be available in, as well as pre-order bonuses. The most exciting thing you'll get for pre-ordering ArenaNet's subscription-free MMORPG is guaranteed access to all its beta weekend events, but sadly you can't buy it until next month. Pre-orders for Guild Wars 2's three editions will open on April 10. If you want something more than the $59.99 regular edition, there's a $79.99 Digital Deluxe edition with some minor in-game items, or a $149.99 Collector's Edition. The CE packs all the DDE goodies, plus a 10-inch miniature of Charr character Rytlock Brimstone, an art book, 'best of' soundtrack CD, five concept art prints, and a picture frame. As for the pre-order bonuses, on top of access to all beta weekend events, you'll get an in-game ring with minor stat boosts and three days of 'headstart' access before GW2 launches.

All the wonders of the Collector's Edition