Xbox Live Arcade games to offer 400 Gamerscore

As Xbox Live Arcade games continue to grow in both size and price, achievement hunters are no longer satisfied by the meager 200 Gamerscore points offered by downloadable titles. Starting next month, select Xbox Live Arcade games will offer twice the glory, jumping from 200G to 400G.

The new policy will allow Arcade games to feature up to 30 achievements. (The average game currently supports 12.) According to X360A, XBLA games can offer up to four DLC packs, each offering an additional 100 Gamerscore and 8 achievements. "That means that XBLA games can potentially end up with 800 GS across 62 achievements with any released DLC factored into the equation," the site concludes.

Major Nelson notes that the new Gamerscore requirements for Arcade games will go into full effect in June. Afterwards, all XBLA games will be required to offer 400 Gamerscore.