Tribes: Ascend release set for April

Tribes: Ascend has been given an official release date of April 12, Hi-Rez Studios announced today. The free-to-play PC shooter's open beta has been running for a few weeks, and boasts 400,000 participants.

Beta sign-ups are still active, so if you want to give it a whirl before the release date you can still enlist at the official site. The studio also released a parody trailer called "Llama Island" to mark the occasion.

Why Llama Island? Perhaps we should leave the explanation to the Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris. "Tribes is all about speed and movement," he said. "In fact the community uses the term llama to refer to a player moving too slowly, like a plodding llama. So this video demonstrates the perils of trying to capture a flag while going too slow. The outcome is predictable but no less tragic."

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