MotorStorm RC free on Vita tomorrow

Gamers have every reason to be fearful of a free sponsored game. Adver-gaming has created monstrosities like Yaris, after all. However, a new promotion for the Scion iQ should be less scarring.

Tomorrow, the PS Vita version of MotorStorm RC will be completely free for all PlayStation Network members (not just Plus!). The PS3 version, which was originally going to be bundled with the PS Vita version, will be available to purchase separately for $9.99 ($7.49 for Plus members).

The Vita version of MotorStorm RC features a custom RC version of the Scion iQ--its inclusion a small price to pay to receive the game for free.

MotorStorm RC features a number of cross-platform bells and whistles. For example, leaderboards are unified between PS3 and Vita users. If you own both versions of the game, you'll be able to freely transfer your save file between the console and the handheld.

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