Street Fighter x Tekken Vita characters will be available on console eventually

In just a few days, fans will be able to play what should've been an impossibility: a crossover between the world warriors of Street Fighter and the kings of Tekken. Ahead of its March 6th release, Capcom held a launch party for Street Fighter x Tekken in downtown Los Angeles. There, I caught up with Capcom's community manager, Seth Killian.

I brought up the recent announcement of the Vita version of SFxT and how it would introduce a dozen new characters. While it was exciting to learn about the new additions (including Killian's personal favorite, Elena), I brought up concerns of how soon these characters would reach console players. Killian assured me that console players would get these characters at some point. "We'll find a way to make sure that console fans are happy, as well."

Unfortunately, Capcom's keeping quiet on when the additional content will be available. Given the Vita version's fall release, console players aren't likely to see those characters for a long time.

We then talked about the game's controversial new gems system. There are concerns that these stat-altering power-ups can disrupt balance, becoming a "game-breaker." However, Killian disagrees. "It's a relatively subtle effect, Killian explained. "But it's also because of that kind of subtlety that you’re able to be creative with Gems or find ones that really fit your characters or your personal play style. It can also give you that little edge. Once you start trying to exploit the Gems in a smart way, you can get that extra little edge over your opponent that'll hopefully make a difference."

The competitive community seems to be embracing SFxT already, even accepting one of SFxT's most interesting new features: co-op play. "There's been a huge amount of interest from the tournament scene, with some people even talking about trying to make that the tournament standard of having a 2v2," Killian said. "To me, it's not something we thought seriously about, but that's been really encouraging and I think it would add a real breath of fresh air to the tournament scene."

When it arrives in stores, Street Fighter x Tekken will be the first release of Street Fighter's 25th anniversary year. What else does Capcom have planned for the rest of the year? "Of course, you can count on some cool merchandise and things that you can take home. We're planning to do some sort of historical projects, As well, reviewing where the series has been, but we also want to talk about where the series is going."