Street Fighter X Tekken full lineup revealed, PC version dated

Akuma, Jin, Ogre, and M. Bison are rounding out the lineup in Street Fighter X Tekken, with the full roster now officially unveiled. Evidently in a revealing mood, Capcom has also announced that the PC edition of its cross-over fighter will launch on May 11, two months after the console version.

M. Bison was accidentally shown earlier this year, but now we have screenshots and trailers of him punching Tekken men and everything. We also have a round of PC screenshots, if you want to scrutinize them for differences from the console versions.

Street Fighter X Tekken will debut on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 6. A PlayStation Vita edition is also in the works, but still doesn't have a launch date. Presumably Capcom doesn't want to release it too soon after the Vita Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which came out this week.

Here's the full SFxT lineup:

    Street Fighter:

    • Ryu

    • Ken

    • Guile

    • Abel

    • Chun-Li

    • Cammy

    • Sagat

    • Dhalsim

    • Poison

    • Hugo

    • Ibuki

    • Rolento

    • Zangief

    • Rufus

    • Balrog

    • Vega

    • Juri

    • M. Bison

    • Akuma


    • Kazuya

    • Nina

    • King

    • Marduk

    • Bob

    • Julia

    • Hwoarang

    • Steve

    • Yoshimitsu

    • Kuma

    • Raven

    • Heihachi

    • Lili

    • Asuka

    • Law

    • Paul

    • Xiaoyu

    • Jin

    • Ogre

    Sony exclusives

And a pair of trailers showing off the newly-revealed pugilists:

BOOM video 11864

BOOM video 11865