Super Stardust Delta free with Vita 3G activation

Sony and AT&T had promised that owners of a 3G Vita that activate a data plan would get access to a free downloadable game. But which? Two days before the launch of the First Edition 3G bundle, Sony has revealed that the gratis game will be none other than Super Stardust Delta. Not only will you get the base game, you'll also get the Blast Pack DLC.

From the official PlayStation twitter account:

3G Vita systems are currently available in two flavors: the First Edition bundle launches this week for $349.99 and includes a 4GB memory card and Little Deviants. Next week, the vanilla 3G system launches for $299.99 and includes a 8GB memory card and one free month of 3G access (which entitles you to get the free game).

Data access on the Vita ranges from $14.99 a month for 250MB to $29.99 for 3GB.