Super Stardust Delta launches with day-one DLC

Here's some good news: Super Stardust Delta, a Vita follow-up to the popular PS3 game, will be available to download for only $9.99.

Here's some not-so-good news: there will be day-one DLC that boosts the price another $5.


The base game will include the "classic PS3 modes," and a number of new mini-games: Crush, Disc Slide, Orbit Bomber, Rock and Roll, and Trucker. There are also a number of new Vita-exclusive power-ups that take advantage of the system's unique features. Using the front touchscreen, rear touchscreen and motion sensors will let you "launch missiles, create black holes, unleash crush attacks and trigger massive shockwaves." As expected, there's also a global online leaderboard.

Available at launch will be an $8 add-on called the "Blast Pack," which adds four additional game modes: Endless, Impact, Bomber and Twin Gun. These additional modes will feature their own Trophies, as well. If you want all the content unlocked from the get-go, you can get the "Intersellar Bundle," which discounts the combined $17.99 content down to $14.99.