Mortal Kombat Vita's uncomfortable new challenges detailed

The upcoming PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat will be the most complete version of the game yet, with all the DLC included and additional exclusive content being thrown in for good measure. For example, the Vita version includes 15 additional costumes, including "MK3-styled garb for the ninjas." There's also a brand new Challenge Tower II, which adds 150 new challenges to the game.

This sounds good and dandy, but some of the touch-screen features seem entirely tacked-on.

The new Challenge Tower was developed to take advantage of Vita's unique features. For example, some of the challenges will feature characters later added as DLC. Other challenges will take advantage of the system's touch screen and motion sensor. The PlayStation.Blog details a few of these:

Raiden’s head inflated every time my opponent landed a blow. To win the match, I had to conquer my attacker while deflating Raiden’s head via the touchscreen. If Raiden’s head grew too big, or I tapped it too much, it popped. Fail!

In Bloody Mess (pictured above), I had to frantically wipe blood off the screen to avoid being blinded... not easy when you’re fending off the blade-slinging mutant Baraka.

In another challenge, I had to detonate lethal homing missiles using the touchscreen while dueling the cybernetic assassin Sektor.

If you're a fan of awkward multitasking, it sounds like these touch-screen additions will be just up your alley. Unfortunately, many others will likely opt for button-only gameplay. This gameplay video showcases how silly some of the touch screen games can be:

Mortal Kombat will be available on PS Vita this Spring.