Mortal Kombat Vita has touch screen fatalities

Mortal Kombat for Vita will include everything from the PS3 game, including all the downloadable characters and content. So yes, that means you'll be able to pit Kratos against Freddie Kruger on the go.

But, what are some of the new features of the upcoming handheld port? "We really wanted to take advantage of Vita’s hardware," creative director Ed Boon said before detailing some of the Vita's exclusive new content.


One of the big additions to the Vita edition is a brand new Challenge Tower. The original console version is still intact, but the new Vita-exclusive tower includes challenges tailored to the Vita hardware. They will take advantage of the touch screen and the accelerometer, for example.

But how does the touch screen work when playing Mortal Kombat? "You can touch your X-ray meter to execute an X-ray attack," Boon described on the PlayStation.Blog. "For fatalities, you can “slash” the screen with the appropriate inputs — say, away, away, up — to execute the fatality. It makes some of the more difficult fatalities easier and it’s fun to slash at your screen to fire off a fatality."

Other mini-games, similar to "Test Your Might," will take advantage of Vita's other capabilities. While Boon said he was not allowed to reveal these new challenges, he did tease: "Imagine tilting your PS Vita and affecting gravity in the game, things like that..."

One feature that won't be included with the upcoming Vita port is connectivity with the PS3 version. "I thought it would be cool to have an extra bonus for players who bought both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. We talked about unlocking a new character, or having some sort of new mode that enabled you to control the game from your PS Vita," Boon described. However, the age of the PS3 version prevented the team from implementing any connectivity features. "Unfortunately, it's coming up on a year since the PS3 version came out and we never found a way to marry the two versions together."

Mortal Kombat will be available on Vita later this year.