EA Origin has 9.3 million users, generates $100 million in revenue

Whether you like it or not, EA's Origin client is not going away any time soon. Launched as a director competitor to Steam, EA's PC storefront has gained significant momentum since the debut of Origin-exclusive titles, like Star Wars: The Old Republic.

During its latest financial briefing, the company revealed that Origin now has "more than 9.3 million consumers," and has generated "more than $100 million in non-GAAP revenue since launch."

Origin is now supported by various third party companies. Last month, the publisher announced partnership with CD Projekt RED, 1C Company, Paradox Interactive, and more.

While Origin's rapid growth will certainly make EA's investors happy, the service is still trailing significantly behind Steam, which currently holds over 40 million accounts.

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter notes that EA has an uphill battle. "I don't think that most people care about Origin. And I don't think many people will switch from Steam to Origin unless a) Origin is cheaper or b) Steam screws up."