Vita games will be cheaper when downloaded

Unlike the PSP, every game on the PlayStation Vita can be purchased and downloaded on the PlayStation Store. In Japan, digital versions of Vita games sport a discount over their retail counterparts. But will America follow suit? Update: The answer is "yes." A Sony representative has confirmed the discount. "I can confirm that there will be a discount on the downloadable PS Vita titles from PSN. Exact details have not yet been revealed, but be on the lookout for an announcement in the very near future." Original Story: In addition to offering game cartridges, Best Buy will also sell codes that are redeemable on the PlayStation Network. GQman2121 from NeoGAF spotted multiple entries with "DIG-PSV" in the product title. MLB 12 The Show is listed at $35.99, while Reality Fighters is listed at $26.99. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is listed at $44.99. These prices all represent a 10 percent discount over their boxed copy counterparts.

From the Best Buy database

(via PSN Stores)