id Software hit with layoffs; future projects continue 'unabated'

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed circulating reports that id Software has been hit with layoffs. It's still unclear how many jobs were affected by the cuts.

Creators of such classic franchises as Doom and Wolfenstein, id Software recently launched Rage--the developer's first new intellectual property since 1996's Quake.

A statement from Bethesda Softworks to Joystiq noted the cuts were "part of its standard business practice, id regularly evaluates staffing to ensure it has a workforce that meets the needs of the studio. As part of that process, some id employees were recently let go."

Bethesda's statement also promised that work on other id Software projects "continues unabated," and that the company is "still recruiting and hiring qualified developers" to work at id Software. The legendary development studio is currently working on the next entry in the Doom series.

We certainly hope those under the knife land on their feet. If you have any additional information regarding this story, please contact Shacknews.

[via @adambromell]