Vita 3G plans from AT&T detailed, starting at $15 a month

AT&T has revealed how much it will cost to get wireless service for a US 3G Vita. It will be entirely unsurprising to anyone that's owned an iPad or any other 3G-connected tablet. No-contract plans start at $14.99 per month, which offers 250MB of data. For $25 a month, you'll be able to get 2GB of data.

The company didn't detail how much overages would cost, but it's likely to remain the same as the iPad plan. AT&T charges $14.99 per 250MB of overages on the lower-priced plan, and $10 for each additional GB on the higher-priced plan.

AT&T subscribers will also be able to get free wi-fi on the Vita at an AT&T wi-fi hotspot. The 3G version will also include one free game download, once an AT&T data plan is activated.

If this doesn't sound like enough data to suit your needs, you may want to consider getting a mobile hotspot and a wi-fi only Vita instead. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile offer 5GB for $50 a month, while Sprint offers plans starting from $34.99 a month.

The PlayStation Vita will be available on February 22. You'll be able to get the 3G version a week early by getting the "First Edition" bundle for $350.