Bastion sequel not in the cards, despite strong sales

Despite the success of indie darling Bastion, a sequel is not in the works. According to Super Giant Games' Greg Kasavin, the developer now has the freedom to self-fund its next project and the team wants to work on something fresh.

"Thankfully Bastion has performed well enough to give us the resources to create another game on our own terms, meaning we can self-fund the project and take the time we need to get it right."

"Our stance around what we want to do in the future hasn't changed in light of Bastion's success," Kasavin told Eurogamer. Though he wouldn't confirm the developer's upcoming plans, he did note that the "core team" will remain on staff to craft its next title.

"We always intended for Bastion to be a stand-alone game though we did aim to create a rich world for it that could potentially support other stories," he said, leaving some hope for a return to the universe in the future. "It can't just be a financially motivated decision because that's not how Bastion was created in the first place."