Xbox Live app now available on iOS

The end times are nigh. You can now sign into Xbox Live on... an Apple product.

Microsoft has released a companion application for iOS devices with "My Xbox LIVE." The universal app, which works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, will let you compare your achievements, check your messages, see your friends, and even dress up your Avatar. The app will be updated with Spotlight items, giving you "breaking news from Xbox Live, game tips and tricks, gamer spotlight and much more." Essentially, it lets you do almost everything a Windows Phone can do.

The operative word is almost. The Windows Phone app, which was recently updated, also includes Bing-powered search that allows you to search the entire Xbox catalog for movies, TV shows, music, games and apps. You'll also be able to connect to an Xbox 360 console to use the Windows Phone as a virtual remote control.

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Finally, Windows Phone gives you the ability to earn Achievement points on mobile Xbox Live games. So, the iOS app won't give you everything... but it's one way of staying connected to Live without having to buy a brand new phone.

Shacknews has contacted Microsoft regarding the possibility of an Android application, but have not heard back at the time of publishing.