Jagged Alliance: Back in Action in February 2012

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the shiny 3D revamp of Jagged Alliance 2, is now slated for a February 2012 launch on PC. It was previously slated to launch this past October, but ended up delayed.

While the original JA2 was a strictly turn-based affair, Back in Action is a little more real-time. A combat style dubbed "plan and go" will see players queuing up orders, then watching their turn and the enemy's execute simultaneously. No more characters standing perfectly still as someone strolls through the door and shoots them, then. Players can also set behavior triggers for characters, so they don't stick rigidly to their basic orders.

As before, Back in Action will also task you with controlling the finances and gear for your mercenary squad as you attempt to take down a naughty dictator.

While the changes may, on paper, cause a few to grumble, Frozen Synapse certainly proved simultaneous turn-based combat can be thoroughly thrilling.