Nintendo, Sony, EA support Stop Online Piracy Act

The Stop Online Piracy Act (HR 3261) has been creating a stir over free-speech concerns recently. The bill before the US Congress is ostensibly meant to prevent copyright infringement, but it also broadens the legal definition of "willful infringement" and has raised concerns of free speech suppression and government censorship. Now we've learned that Nintendo, Sony, and EA are counted as supporters of the bill.

A letter (via Joystiq), written before SOPA was drafted, urges lawmakers to enact such a bill, and the three video game giants are listed among the sponsors. Sony is actually listed more than once, split among its various brands of Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, and Sony Music.

Obviously, all three have a vested interest in preventing piracy, but the bill has gained opposition in the tech sector as well. Companies such as Google, Zynga, Facebook, and Twitter oppose the bill, along with organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The bill itself has a decent chance of passing, as it's gained bi-partisan support under the premise that it will protect US jobs. If you want to take action, your best bet is to contact your local representative.