Dead Island console patch raises level cap, live this week

The console versions of Dead Island are getting new patches in the next few days, which promise to fix some bugs while also making a few gameplay tweaks. The PlayStation 3 version of the patch will go live tomorrow (November 9) and the Xbox 360 will follow on Thursday (November 10).

In terms of gameplay, a raised level cap to 60 is likely the one to garner the most attention from fans.


The patch will also add new blueprints for weapon mods, reduce infected damage, and remove the ability of infected to interrupt player attacks. The team has also adjusted quest XP, challenge rewards, allowed individual enemy balancing during co-op, quicker item pick-ups, improved rewards in weapon crates, and given a clearer indication of the pick lock level. The bad news? Kicks require stamina, so your boot of justice can't do all the work on zombies.

Performance tweaks include improved stability, and fixes include quest rewards, map tracking after death, looting from dead enemies, the mysterious energy drink weapon swap, and a squashed bug that left players unequipped after dropping a weapon and healing. Medkits and respawn points are also said to be smarter.