Chahi: No plans for From Dust sequel

In a recent postmortem with Eurogamer, From Dust mastermind Eric Chahi said that he was happy with the finished product, but "there is no plan" to develop a sequel. The Another World (or Out of This World) creator promises there won't be as big a gap between his last and next project, however, citing work on his next title will take "something between one year and two years, maximum."


"I was really surprised. I was thinking, maybe he's over-complimenting," Chahi said of praise for From Dust from legendary video game designer Peter Molyneux. "He gave us a true compliment. He said it is the first god game he's played."

"I understand why he said that--because of the plasticity of the terrain, and he worked on Populous, where you can interact with your terrain," Chahi added. "In Black and White there were some volcanoes, but it was for a limited time and a limited area. He was very kind. As a fan of Populous and his work, I was very touched."

According to Chahi, From Dust "sold very well." It's imaginable that a sequel could be on the horizon if demand is high enough, but publisher Ubisoft isn't known for pushing too hard on famed developers to continue their work on even the most beloved of franchises. At least, that's the perception from every Beyond Good & Evil fan waiting on any additional information regarding the announced sequel.