Heavy Rain: Director's Cut coming next week

What do you call a Director's Cut re-release that has almost no input from the original director? Apparently, you still call it a Director's Cut. Heavy Rain: Director's Cut is a budget re-release of Quantic Dream's critically acclaimed adventure game, and it contains no alterations to the original game.

Instead, you'll get the "complete, original game" in addition to the "Heavy Rain Chronicles: Taxidermist" DLC (which came free with first-run copies).

Additional DLC was originally planned for Heavy Rain, but canned when the studio decided to add PlayStation Move motion controller support instead.

You'll also get the original soundtrack, a new front-end menu with built-in PlayStation Move support, a series of 8 "Making of" videos, three dynamic themes, additional concept art, and two bonus trailers.

The package will be available on November 8th at a Greatest Hits price: $29.99.