Uncharted 3 free DLC for keeping your arm outstretched

Sony's made Uncharted 3 gamers jump through a lot of hoops for various DLC promotions. If you're full on Subway sandwiches, and stopped by AMC Theaters for the Uncharted 3 preview event, then you might be interested in this new promo--easily the most bizarre of them all.

If you have a webcam, you'll be able to participate in a contest to see who can keep their arm outstretched the longest. If you can keep your arm still for nearly nine hours, you can win a $10,000 grand prize.

Does keeping your arm still for nine hours sound crazy to you? Don't worry, Sony's offering prizes for people with less stamina (or less free time). By participating, you'll be able to get a free in-game t-shirt for use in the game's multiplayer mode. Hold your arm for 2 minutes, you'll get an in-game cash reward; hold it for 4 minutes, and you'll get the "Treasure Hunter Starter's Pack."

Are you ready to give it a shot? You'll be able to play here.

The full list of prizes are below:

  • Holding the Ring for 15 Seconds: In-Game T-Shirt
  • Holding the Ring for 2 Minutes: In-Game Cash Reward
  • Holding the Ring for 4 Minutes: Treasure Hunter Starter’s Pack
  • Holding the Ring for 8 Minutes: Naughty Dog Pistol
  • Holding the Ring for 16 Minutes: Kickback Endurance Reward
  • Holding the Ring for 30 Minutes: Clip size for GMAL
  • Holding the Ring for 1 Hour: Naughty Dog Rifle
  • Holding the Ring for 1.5 Hours: Mystery Weapon 1
  • Holding the Ring for 2 Hours: Mystery Weapon 6