Resident Evil: Revelations costs $50; Capcom explains

The standard price point for games on the Nintendo 3DS is $40. It's not surprising then, that Capcom's decision to price the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations at $50 has raised a few eyebrows. One might initially assume that the higher price-point might mean the inclusion of something like the Circle Pad add-on for the handheld--a good fit for RE: Revelations--but that's not the case here.

"A true console experience on a handheld device, Resident Evil Revelations is an epic title that offers both a single-player campaign for that classic survival horror gaming experience, and an additional RAID mode that can be played cooperatively or single player," a Capcom representative told Kotaku in an email. "To handle all of that data Resident Evil Revelations requires a 4GB cartridge, resulting in a higher price point" the email explained.

Capcom's approach (and subsequent justification) of RE: Revelations' pricing seems unprecedented, but it's not very consumer-friendly. Just imagine if multi-disc console games were suddenly twenty-five percent more expensive than their single-disc counterparts at launch.

Capcom also notes that Resident Evil: Revelations promises more than twenty hours of gameplay and "cutscenes beautifully rendered in fear-inducing 3D," but fans will ultimately be the ones to determine whether the game justifies a $10 mark-up over other 3DS titles.