Angry Birds played by 30 million people per day

So it turns out this whole Angry Birds thing is pretty popular. We know it's been downloaded 350 million times, it's the top-selling PSN game, and the game has helped boost the value of developer Rovio to an estimated $1 billion. Now for one more statistic to blow your mind: 30 million people play it every day.

Of course, that feat is made possible by the fact that Angry Birds is on almost every platform imaginable.

GamesIndustry.biz reports that the number came from North American general manager Andrew Stalbow at the Web 2.0 conference. The game is also estimated at 300 million minutes of playtime, and has been downloaded an additional 50 million times since our previous report, bringing the total to 400 million.

To put that number in perspective, New York City houses roughly 8 million people. So imagine almost four NYCs, all flicking pissed-off fowl at pigs, every day. That's how popular Angry Birds is.