DICE warns against unofficial Battlefield 3 servers

Battlefield 3 associate producer Barrie Tingle has warned gamers against the "temptation" of playing the upcoming shooter on unofficial servers, noting that doing so could compromise accounts.

Last week, Battlefield 3's server files leaked onto the internet, opening the floodgates to unofficial servers for the game's ongoing beta test on PC. Using the files, users have been able to adjust a number of properties, including increasing player counts from 32 to 100.

Writing on DICE's forum, Tingle (who goes by the username Bazajaytee) said that the team is currently working "to have these [unofficial] servers dealt with."

"Playing on those servers can cause your account to become compromised, stats to be altered or other issues to arise which may lead to having your account banned," Tingle wrote.

An account ban could result in a ban from EA's Origin store, locking players out of all titles they have purchased from the digital distribution service.

There are two ways this quote can be taken: either DICE is saying that simply playing on unofficial servers will result in an Origin account ban or there is a higher risk of security holes on these servers, which may lead to scenarios forcing DICE to take action (accounts being compromised or altered, for example). Of course, it would appear most have assumed the former.

Shacknews has contacted Tingle for clarification on his comments. Until then, he asks that players "please avoid temptation and remain on these official servers."

[via Reddit]