Splinter Cell Trilogy HD missing invert aim option

Sam Fisher is a silent, deadly killer. He stalks his victims in the darkness, sneaks up behind them, draws his gun and... wildly aims at the floor. If you've inexplicably been aiming at the ceiling or floor in the recent HD re-release of the Splinter Cell trilogy on PS3, it's probably because Ubisoft forgot to include a key feature in the slapped-together port. No, it's not multiplayer (although that is missing as well). It's the ability to invert your aim.

Although Joystiq's Ben Gilbert calls gamers that use inverted aim "backwards" and "broken," the site correctly notes that the omission is rather "egregious." We've also followed up with the French publisher to see if the company plans on releasing a patch in the future, but like our colleagues, we've yet to hear word about the issue. If this will affect the way you play, we recommend you hold off on buying the game at retail or PSN.