Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC teased

On August 29, a special message was delivered to players via the Deus Ex: Human Revolution menu screen, directing them to visit the game's official website for updates. The message was accompanied by a mysterious alphanumeric string. The gaming community banded together, and a few days later, the code was cracked. Could this puzzle be a tease for upcoming downloadable content? The initial code released with the "special message" is as follows: okM8-+Ds4Dui?lMh$Mzvm14SBqe7;G.l6=u74b?mkh-45Ki60d+98XBpCku7 While all users apparently received the above code, Blue's News reported that some folks had discovered a follow up to the code, which appeared to be a cipher: 5 – / ! f / f q / x c / q y / d 3 / ? x / t $ / j # A follow-up report later revealed that the code had somehow led enterprising sleuths to website http://www.13311tower.com/:
The background image on http://www.13311tower.com has GPS coordinates in its header. If you use Google maps to locate the coordinates, they lead to Ayers Rock.
Ayers Rock is also known as "Uluru".
The Morse code is "11m13clinic".
Using "uluru" / "11m13clinic" as the L/P when clicking on the illuminati all seeing eye in at 13311tower.com yields this image:

What's happening on Sunday?

A cursory look at the image reveals a time-stamp in the lower-left corner that could be an indication that more information about the mystery will be revealed this Sunday. Gaming site VG24/7 also posted a new report from an unnamed source today, alleging the upcoming DLC will take place on a floating prison-ship of sorts. Prisoners are being experimented on, and the player is cut off from tactical support, meaning that there won't be any friendly radio chatter in Jensen's ear to fill him in. It's not known how the DLC would fit into the Deus Ex canon. The unnamed source also mentions having seen a build of the DLC, in which players could either import a save file from Human Revolution, or start from scratch with a fresh augmentation loadout. How this unconfirmed information about DLC fits in to the larger puzzle is still somewhat mysterious. VG24/7 tries to connect some of the dots, noting that "PMC organization Belltower Associates, which played a prominent role in Human Revolution, is known to have an office in [Australia], and the Deus Ex canon makes mention of a civil war in Australia." "Uluru," also known as Ayers Rock, is also in Australia. We'll continue to keep you up to date on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution speculation and announcements as more information becomes available.