Borderlands 2 trailer unleashes the Gunzerker

Borderlands 2's dual-wielding slab of hulking man-muscle, the Gunzerker, explodes onto our screens in the first trailer for Gearbox's FPS-RPG sequel. According to Steve Gibson, Gearbox marketing maestro and Shacknews's absent birth father, "Yes, this is in engine."

Salvador the Gunzerker, the first revealed of Borderlands 2's all-new player classes, boasts the ability to dual-wield any weapons--always a neat trick. A few assorted details have trickled out but the grand unveiling is coming at the Gamescom show in Cologne this week. It'll also be at PAX Prime in Seattle next week, for the small number of you not reading this from west Germany.

Borderlands 2 is slated for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 some time between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013. 2K Games is publishing.