Mortal Kombat sells nearly 3 million

Mortal Kombat seems to have given the franchise a much-needed critical shot in the arm, but it's also been a huge financial success for Warner Bros. The game has reportedly sold almost 3 million copies so far, and has already paid for itself in the process.


"We are very pleased with the success of Mortal Kombat so far," said Martin Tremblay of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to MCV. He cited the sales number of nearly 3 million units. "With the launch of Mortal Kombat, we have already paid for the acquisition of the Midway assets, and we are just beginning to leverage this acquisition with much more to come."

Though the exact figure of the Midway acquisition was never disclosed, we do know that Warner Bros. offered a whopping $33 million for the assets after the company filed for bankruptcy in early 2009. Three million units would be more than enough to make up that amount, not to mention the income from generous helpings of DLC. Mortal Kombat was also one of the first games to offer a pre-sold DLC bundle, a trend which seems to be catching on.

Mortal Kombat debuted at the top spot of the NPD monthly sales figures, even beating Portal 2. Since then, the game has consistently consistently remained in the top 10 sales list, recently hanging in at July's #10 spot.