XBLIG Summer Uprising community vote opens

With eight of the games chosen for the community-organized Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion, voting has opened to settle the remaining two. Then, the plan goes, they'll be released starting later this month and draw attention to the Xbox 360's woefully-overlooked indie marketplace.

You can check out the remaining 67 candidates here, then cast your two votes over on the Summer Uprising Facebook page. The community vote will end on August 15, then the two winners will be named at 9am EST on August 16. Slip that into your schedule, peculiarly well-organized indienauts.

Then, finally, the ten Summer Uprising games will be released between August 22 and September 2. Now that developers can set release dates for their games on XBLIG, it should all run as smooth as clockwork. The debut Uprising last winter lost a little of its impact and profile after several games ended up being released beyond the promotion's publicized end date.

Say, considering the Summer Uprising already has a fair number of platformers, perhaps you might fancy casting your votes for something a little different? Here's a look at the eight confirmed games: