Which Level-5 game would you like localized?

Would you like to see Level-5 localize Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, or perhaps Studio Ghibli collaboration Ninokuni (The Another World)? The Japanese developer would like to know. It's running a Facebook poll to judge which of its games currently available only in Japan are most desired by Western fans.

Your options in the poll are Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, Time Travelers, Fantasy Life, The Little Battlers, Girl's RPG Cinderelife, Inazuma Eleven for DS or Wii, and the PlayStation 3 or Nintendo DS edition of Ninokuni. You only get one vote, I'm afraid.

Level-5 notes that "the poll is just to gauge interest, not to confirm any titles," but interest will surely factor into decisions, in some way, down the line.

At the moment, cross-over investigate 'em up Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is comfortably in the lead. The poll's due to run for another today, so get yer vote in or go unheard.