Explodemon! blasting onto PC in August

Volatile indie platformer Explodemon! is blasting on PC next month, developer Curve Studios has announced, having originally been released via PlayStation Network in February.

Starring an eponymous self-detonating robot, Explodemon! is described by Curve as "an action-packed puzzle-platformer with a healthy dose of intense combat, geared towards people who love finding well-hidden secrets and shaving seconds off their speedruns." It's a niche audience certainly well-represented on PC.

By some bizarre stroke of fate, Curve announced Explodemon! on the exact same day as Twisted Pixel unveiled its own downloadable platformer with an eponymous exploding hero, 'Splosion Man.

"We literally couldn't believe it at first," Explodemon! design director Jonathan Biddle later wrote. "Was this a joke? Was someone fucking with us? I mean, we'd been silently working on this for nearly four years, and the day it gets revealed, someone else announces a game that (to most casual observers) is basically the same thing? It was also announced for Xbox Live Arcade too, on which we'd lost a slot only six months before. I have to say it was the most baffling day of my life."

Of course, lovely explosion-mad indie kindred spirits that they are, it all ended in smiles for the two developers. Unlike the MaXplosion situation.

Curve has yet to announce the PC price, but it'd be surprising if it were more than the PS3's $9.99. A WiiWare version was once planned, but ended up dropped and Explodemon! became a PS3 console exclusive.

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