Octodad 2 announced by Young Horses

A number of the developers that worked on the indie title Octodad have formed a new studio called Young Horses. The new studio's planned first project will be Octodad 2, an official sequel to the funny (and free-to-play) Octodad.

One of the standout titles of the 2011 Independent Games Festival, the original Octodad is a game about a giant cephalopod trying to pass himself off as a normal family man. The game was named a Student Showcase winner at this year's event, recognized for its slapstick humor and off-the-wall concept. Young Horses will reveal more information about Octodad 2 as development moves forward. In the meantime, they have released a teaser trailer (above) that promises an answer to the burning question: "Where does Octodad get all his neckties?"

The studio has created a Kickstarter page for Octodad 2, aiming for a goal of $20,000 within 29 days. Contributors will receive various gifts from Young Horses, depending on their levels of contribution. These gifts include special thanks in the game's final credits, preorders, T-Shirts, limited edition plushies, and even a life-sized Octodad costume.

Though planned as a release for PC and Mac, the team seems eager to explore other platform possibilities for the series, as evidenced by the Octodad Kinect prototype they showed off at GDC 2011.

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