Final Fantasy 3DS rhythm game "Theatrhythm" announced

Square Enix is offering its own spin on the rhythm genre, by merging it with Final Fantasy properties. Shonen Jump (via Siliconera) reports that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy lets you explore dungeons and towns and fight monsters, but you'll be doing all that by tapping the stylus to the beat. The game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, but no release information for the US has been revealed.

As a Final Fantasy spin-off, it looks to bank on the series' long history. A screenshot has already shown off Cloud, Lightning, an Onion Knight, and the Warrior of Light. This is similar to the Dissidia fighting series, which has also sold characters as downloadable content.

As for that insane title, we may see it change when and if the game comes stateside. Then again, the last Square spin-off was Dissidia 012: Duodecim, so "Theatrhythm" could be part of some internal contest to come up with the strangest name.