Duke Nukem Forever comes to Mac in August

After taking so long to get here, it's no surprise that Duke is spreading out to as many platforms as he can. Porting house Aspyr Media announced today that it'll be bringing the infamous Duke Nukem Forever to Mac in August.

You can pre-order the Mac edition of Duke Nukem Forever from Aspyr now for $44.99, a 10% discount. Aspyr has produced the Mac ports of heaps of PC titles, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Civilization V, and LEGO Star Wars.

Though critical and fan receptions was mixed--almost violently so--DNF sold well enough to top retail sales charts in several countries. Unsurprisingly, its success means we'll definitely be seeing more Duke. Check out Steve's review to see what he made of it, or give the demo a whirl yourself.

(I had cracking a macking/Mac pun, but Duke's sexual satisfaction seems to stem largely from eerie leering. A strange one, that chap.)