Duke Nukem Forever demo out now on PC, 360

Given Duke Nukem Forever's lengthy development, its release last week was inevitably going to lead to controversy. While different corners of the Internet still curse or praise Duke's return, there's one easy way to see for yourself--play the demo, out today.


The Xbox 360 demo is now available from the Xbox Live Marketplace, presently exclusive to Live Gold subscribers. The PC demo is also out now, available from Steam.

On the PlayStation 3 front, publisher 2K Games notes, "We are currently working with Sony to get the demo out as soon as possible too."

The demo was first made available on June 3, exclusively to members of Duke's First Access Club. Essentially, those members had to pay for access to the demo.

The launch of Duke Nukem Forever last week was fittingly dramatic for the culmination of fifteen years of hype and anticipation. Negative reviews, including our own, were equally praised and reviled as the corners of the Internet split into separate warring factions. Just another day in the life of the Internet.