Brink 'Agents of Change' DLC free for two weeks


Splash Damage has outlined the first planned downloadable content for Brink, titled "Agents of Change." The content will be free for the first two weeks across all platforms: Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. It's expected to hit sometime in early July, after it clears certification at Sony and Microsoft. It includes two environments, five abilities, two outfits, and two weapon attachments.

The developer is has also released a sizable title update in preparation for the DLC, which includes various PC bug fixes and weapon balancing tweaks. A few notable fixes include invisible players disappearing, cheats disabling character saving, spectator optimization, and server/client aim issues.

Splash Damage didn't give word on how much the DLC will cost if you grab it after the first two weeks. A representative told Shacknews the price is "still TBC" and will be shared at a later time.