Magic Carpet flies onto GOG

The final title from Good Old Games' first batch of vintage Electronic Arts games, Bullfrog's classic wizard simulator Magic Carpet, has arrived on the digital distributor. It's available now for $5.99.


Magic Carpet hails from 1994, back when Peter Molyneux games inspired gasps of wonder and awe rather than cynical Internet comments. Playing as a wizard on a very snazzy flying carpet, players take on monsters and rival mages to collect mana and restore balance to the world. Wizards are armed with a hefty arsenal of spells, from your basic fireball and healing spells to summoning skeletal forces and earthquakes.

Certain spells deform the terrain, which was jolly impressive in full 3D for 1994. You never forget your first fiery death-raining volcano.

GOG's EA releases are going on hiatus for the summer now, but another twenty or so unknown games are still in the pipeline. Unfortunately there are legal hurdles surrounded the much-desired System Shock series, but GOG hopes to one day offer the Looking Glass Studios masterpieces.