Nintendo downloads: Puzzle Quest, 99Bullets, Overflow

Monday means fresh Nintendo downloads. This week, we're definitely noticing a puzzle theme to the proceedings. WiiWare gets Overflow for $5 (500 points), in which you twist and turn your Wii remote to shift plans and funnels to guide fluids to their proper channels.


DSiWare brings Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for $8 (800 points). That's the original Puzzle Quest, an RPG-Bejeweled hybrid. It's already available on just about every platform imaginable, including the DS, but the downloadable version may just be the cheaper (and more convenient) way to snag it if you haven't before.

Your handhelds also get 3D Twist & Match this week, for $2 (200 points). You rotate 3D objects to match against their silhouettes through various difficulty levels. The one non-puzzle holdout is 99Bullets, a retro-style space shooter for $5 (500 points).

Virtual Console is taking a week off, apparently figuring you're still working your way through Chrono Trigger. If you've already finished, why not play a second time? Or a third?