Nintendo downloads: Chrono Trigger on Virtual Console

Nintendo unleashed its latest round of downloads today, including the previously announced SNES classic Chrono Trigger for Virtual Console. It will cost you $8 (800 points) and -- not to impugn the other games in this week's list -- is definitely the thing you should buy if you haven't played it before (maybe even if you have).


If you do have more than 800 points sitting around and want to buy something else as well, you could pick up Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove for $5 (500 points), a monster-themed dancing game for up to four players. For the low, low price of zero dollars, you can also pick up a demo of Lead the Meerkats. It's "the first game to simulate the exciting life of meerkats," and will cost you $10 (1,000 points) for the full version.

If a handheld game is more your flavor, DSiWare brings the fishing game Big Bass Arcade for $5. Word Searcher 3 lets you search for more words for $5. And Hellokids Vol 1: Coloring and Painting is a digital coloring book, probably more suited to younger audiences, for $2. DSiWare will have to hold you for a bit longer, now that the 3DS eShop has been delayed.