L.A. Noire title update launched

Detective Stone shoved at the station house doors and stumbled in. He slipped a cigarette between his lips and patted himself down as if hunting for matches--a little act he'd honed to avoid the fierce glare the duty sergeant tossed at him every morning. It worked, as far as he cared. Stone ambled along the gloomy corridor and into the video games office. Great, Stone thought, just what I need. His eyes had fallen on his rookie partner wearing a look like he'd just seen Santa Claus.

"Jimmy!" cried O'Brien, leaping to his feet. Stone screwed his eyes tight and pinched the bridge of his nose. "We got a break in the L.A. Noire case. Saturday morning, out of the blue, just like that, a title update drops. What's more," Nowak continued, spitting the words at Stone, "some mook wanders in off the street, saying he's found the patch notes just lying around. We weren't sure 'cause they're vague as all heck but he checks out clean."

L.A. Noire had only launched last week but already the natives were getting restless. Would this calm everyone down or rile them up? Stone didn't really care which, as long as something happened. The boozy flush drained from his razor-nicked face as he flicked through the notes.

  • Fixes for several in-game store issues including age-verification for DLC purchases

  • Fixes for minor gameplay bugs and graphical issues

  • Fixes for several minor plot/objective/conversation issues

  • Improvements in stat-tracking and Social-Club integration

"It'll have to do," Stone grunted. He had the answers. Now he just needed the questions, a match, and some god damned coffee.