Sony planning multiple weekly PS Store updates

With the PlayStation Network partially restored in most territories, Sony can finally get back to the business of using its video game blog to talk about video games. A new restoration FAQ addresses several looming questions regarding how they'll get back on-track.

To catch up with the missed content, Sony will be updating the PlayStation Store with new content "multiple times per week" once commerce functionality is restored. It notes that three Tuesday publishes have been missed, but doesn't promise that we won't miss a fourth tomorrow. Exact timing for PS Store restoration is still up in the air. Any planned PlayStation Plus content will also pick up where it left off.

Regarding specific developers and games impacted by the downtime, the blog promises more details coming soon on the Infamous 2 beta, SOCOM 4 online play, and a Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP event. These announcements will be coming from Sucker Punch, Zipper, and Treyarch, respectively.

Finally, the blog promises that details on the Welcome Back and identity theft insurance (in multiple regions) offers will be coming soon. Sony Europe has already promised two free PS3 games out of a choice of five, and two PSP games out of four. The blog says it will resume talking about upcoming games in preparation for E3, starting tomorrow.